Andy – Einer der ersten FreshSurf Surfcoaches

Hi I am Andy,

I started surfing in Greece and traveled around the world for the last 11 years, looking for some good times, surfing and meeting new cultures. I first came to Fuerteventura 8 years ago via boat from Gran Canaria and even though I came via Moro Jable on the deep south of the island. The first spot I actually ever surfed in Fuerteventura was Cotillo where I now live and work as a surf instructor for FreshSurf.

We have a great team at FreshSurf and that is what makes the fun level stay high at all times ;-)

You are more than welcome to visit us and try surfing and if you already surf we can help you go to the next level.

Aloha from the FreshSurf Team!!!

Yours, Andy