Herzlich Willkommen im Team, lieber Jordi – Carver Skate auf Fuerte!



Unser Jordi ist Profi im Carver Skate auf Fuerte & erzählt hier was er dir als Surfcoach alles beibringen wird

Hello! I am Jordi and I am a countryside boy from a village close to Barcelona. Actually in 2014 I just wanted to visit Fuerteventura for two weeks – but plans are changing every day.. right now it’s my second year surfing and working for FreshSurf. Despite I started surfing a bit late – I was 18 years old – that never stoped me to continue improving and become a „gut“ surfinstructor. I am always trying to do the things with a bit of passion – imagine how lucky I am to work for mine. If you surf with me get ready to listen to my Top 3 sentences:

  1.  Ja, ja always the board or the wave, never the sugar.
  2. Always it’s too late, so … GO FOR IT!
  3. Timing, timing all it’s about timing – and then get or I get crazy.

See you soon at the island. Hasta luego! Adios! Tschüss!