hata yoga

 I started my practice 9 years ago, after a surf accident. Yoga helped me a lot to recover my back in just 5 month due daily practice. I really believe that yoga is a perfect combination with every sport, in particular with the surf training. Yoga is a big instrument to give you flexibility and power to complete your surfing lesson. I try in my classes to elaborate a fusion between the classical hata yoga and the dynamic flow into to asthanga and vinyasa adapted for all level of students. I believe in yogas mental, psychological and physical benefits to improves coordination, flexibility and self confidence.

Little Yoga style description:

Hata Yoga set of physical exercises and sequence of asanas (postures), designed to align your skin, muscles and bones. Hata Yoga is a powerful way for a self transformation, it asks us to bring our attention to our breathing which helps us to still the fluttuations of the mind and be more present in each moment. Vinyasa flow flowing sequence of secific asanas coordinated with the movement of the breath. Vinyasa is the transition between one posture and the next one, like a salutation and each movement in the series is done with an inhalation or exhalation. For every question or communication, please send me a email: erikafranciosi@yahoo.it