We are very happy to introduce you to the brand new Fresh Surf Rap written and produced by the Lynch Family from Irland. On there last day of surfing they let it flow and performed an amazing Surf Rap in front of the whole crowd! The Fresh Surf Team had a blast with you &  says THANK YOU for SURFING WITH US! 

These are the official Lyrics – please join in! :) 

The Lynch Family came along
To El Cotillo singing a song.
We came here to surf and have some fun
And discovered the Fresh Surf dudes in the sun !

We joined up to the crew
As they knew just what to do
To get us surfing
Yee Ha Hooo !

We shot the breeze with Chris
He the man
We gave him some bread
And he said go ahead !

Next we met the rest of the gang
Christiano told us some surfing slang
“Get big or go home”
Surf the green, forget the foam !

Angie then came along
And we sang her an Irish song
We did the “Wild Rover” slightly out of tune
We know – we are wired to the Moon !

So when it came to learning the tricks
Mister Jordi gave us the fix !
For teaching us how to shred
This dude is just way ahead.

He got us all nearly hangin’ five
Man we really knew we were alive !
And that was just on day one –
Dudes we were just beginin’ da fun !

On day two he had us hangin’ ten
We said “Oh Man – Not AGAIN !”
This is such fun we all agree
Makes us just wanna shout YIPPEE !!!

On day three dudes we hit the lip
Cut backs, tubes and doing a flip.
This Jordi man is the bees knees
When it comes to waves he has all the keys !

So in a while we are out of here
But when back home we will have a beer
And remember the Cotillo Crew
At Fresh Surf – Well done to you !

Brian, Jane, Fionn and Niamh
Jan 6 2016